Hasan Answers Questions From Desi Teens | Deep Cuts | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj | Netflix

6-Iyl, 2020
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Deep Cuts returns with a few very special guests! Watch as Hasan reconnects and answers questions from the crew of teenagers he met months ago while interviewing them about their experiences growing up Desi in America. Hasan discusses college, parenting, whether or not he thinks he's becoming a Desi Uncle himself, as well as how to handle conversations about race with family members.
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  • come back

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  • Cancel them I start a new show

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  • Hi we still trust you to bring a new indipendet ideas you don't need them

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  • C'mon Netflix you just canceled the best show ever Not cool man not cool

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  • god! how are you so okay with tiktok?

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  • I am not a teen but i would like to know about the toxic workplace allegations that were made by the women of colour who worked at your show. If by chance you see this comment i would like to give you the names in case you forgot them, they are Nur Nasreen Ibrahim and Sheila V Kumar. Like is it true and you just sealed the case with cash and NDA or is it as trump would call FAKE NEWS.

    KarthikKarthik2 kun oldin
  • Patriotic act ban is the ban on freedom of speech , as he usually discuss about American political system and giant companies .and current political scenario won’t let him allow to discuss what actually going on behind the doors

    penpower 743penpower 7432 kun oldin
  • I just canceled my Netflix subscription. If they can cancel Hassan I can cancel them too

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  • You are a Big Brother not an Uncle.

    Youtube UserYoutube User3 kun oldin
  • 6:85 best answer

    Imthadh AnsarImthadh Ansar4 kun oldin
  • I don't feel those kids were Desi enough 🤔 they were more into American culture than our own India's and I think they are just annoyed of the fact that good ethics and experience from our parents which is beneficial to us, is actually taught to us in a very brutal manner like our parents are very strict or violent too(they are not violent unless u complete a job or don't commit mistakes which are just too foolish)

    Emad LokhandwalaEmad Lokhandwala4 kun oldin
  • sign this petition to bring Patriot Act back (Netflix cancelled the show) chng.it/nX9wWQ9RWx

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  • These fuckers cant even pronounce their name right.

    Dheeraj AnandDheeraj Anand5 kun oldin
    • Yep I mean I'm an Egyptian and was raised in the for the first 10 years of my life (I'm 13) but you don't see me butchering the arabic language

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  • 2020 already sucked. But canceling Patriot Act!!! Not cool Netflix....

    Shovangi ChowdhuryShovangi Chowdhury6 kun oldin
  • RIP Patriot Act. No, USA doesn't have censorship. Keep telling yourself that.

    Sushi JamSushi Jam6 kun oldin
  • Happy Birthday, Hasan Sir. May God bless you. Stay safe, healthy and happy. I used to watch your show The Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj and I love it. In every episode, it gives me information related to the topic and I always enjoy the way you represent it. Thanks for entertaining us. I hope the show starts soon. Lots of love ❤️ Aaliya

    Aaliya NoorAaliya Noor6 kun oldin
  • Hasan simply got too real and the racism video he did hit too close to the truth and some white exec panties got uncomfortable... Thats what happens when massa writes your checks. They control it all.. Thats just the way it is..

  • Hello to the random person who reads this.

    Thai Guy 001Thai Guy 0018 kun oldin
  • He’s coming for ya! 😉

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  • Fired from every job and now fired from this too lol

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  • I want this show back

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  • literally i think he is muslim and... DESIIIIIIII

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  • When can we see you back ?

    shaik aliabbasshaik aliabbas11 kun oldin
  • Abeer is a kickass teen. Nobody messes with *him!*

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  • Can Hasan just be president?????

    MrMountain123MrMountain12312 kun oldin
  • Please keep this show going on youtube, even if it has to be called something else, we'll watch it.

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  • Netflix give us SEASON 7.

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  • Dude your show was cancelled..... No...

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    • @Ismael Cook well there were articles and videos made about it, so 70% sure. Netflix didn't like the tax evasion claims it seems.

      Σκοτώνω ΧαράΣκοτώνω Χαρά13 kun oldin
    • really ?

      Ismael CookIsmael Cook13 kun oldin
  • Hasan, You have really big Eyes so creepy

    Ratchet 99Ratchet 9914 kun oldin
  • Was Netflix canceling Patriot Act a veiled political move? This was a very good channel btw...belated cheers and congrats on the ethics and efforts shown.

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  • Netflix cancel patriot act because this wasn't a show , it was a movement against all the lies in the country.

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  • I love how Abeer Said that legacy thing 😭

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  • Where Ara You Hassan (Th4 W) See

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  • Sorry guys, STupId netflix cancelled me

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    • Hassan is that really you!

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